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10 Films To Watch On Streaming Services in July (U.K.)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The month of June was quite a mixed month in terms of quality added to streaming services with the two big new releases being completely polarising. Spike Lee's 'Da 5 Bloods' from Netflix was truly excellent - and well worth checking - whilst Disney's Artemis Fowl was the complete opposite, arguably the worst film of the year. As well as this was plenty of entertainment to go all around and July will be no different. With plenty coming soon on a number of platforms, there's a lot to look forward to, especially at the start of the month. Going across the likes of Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime etc, here are 10 films to check out on streaming services in July.

10. Jurassic Park - Netflix - July 1st

There's not a day that will go by where I won't gush over what I believe is the greatest blockbuster of all time. A great adventure with loads of great moments and characters, everything that can be said about this film has been done a thousand times. A true game-changer in Hollywood, even after all these years it still holds up perfectly, putting many especially its sequels to shame. The entire Jurassic franchise will be available on Netflix from July 1st but let's be serious, the first is the only one you really need to watch. A great rewatchable film that is always worth revisiting, you can't go wrong with Jurassic Park.

9. Interstellar - Now TV - July 1st

As Christopher Nolan continues to show some questionable morales surrounding the release of his latest film 'Tenet', Now TV are adding the most polarising of his films to their app at the turn of the month. Some deem it overly convoluted, some a masterpiece, showcasing that the film seems to divide opinions. No matter what though, Interstellar is an interesting feature with a lot to take in and marvel at. With a star-studded cast and immaculate visuals, if you haven't seen this one already then it is worth checking out, even just to simply see what side you sit on. I do truly believe there's a lot to this one, even tugging at heartstrings with a complete sci-fi adventure.

8. Hamilton - Disney + - July 3rd

The most successful Broadway musical of the modern era, 'Hamilton' has become a phenomenon, exploring the story of the founding fathers of America. Incorporating hip-hop along with a history lesson, Disney + is giving many the chance to witness this musical without being priced out. The experience may not be the same but the content will be and will definitely be worth checking out as a pre-filmed version. Created by and starring the massively talented Lin Manuel Miranda - Golden Globe and Oscar nominee -, Hamilton has truly taken the world by storm and will be easily accessible for all to view come July 3rd.

7. Mission Impossible - Netflix - July 3rd

A franchise that keeps getting better and better, how many other series continue to power on so strongly after 6 movies? 'Mission Impossible: Fallout' is an exceptional piece of action filmmaking with Tom Cruise at his very best. With a great variety from skydives, helicopter chases and a jaw-dropping bathroom brawl, there's plenty of thrills in this action-packed gem. Led by Cruise, this film is filled with great characters such as Simon Pegg's Benji and Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa as well as a villain turn from Henry Cavill. In terms of 2010's action films, 'Fallout' is right up there with the best of them with a creative and brilliant director alongside a very committed cast.

6. Blackkklansman - Netflix - *AMMENDED* July 24th

June saw the release of the great 'Da 5 Bloods' from visionary director Spike Lee. Lees films contain great commentary and his 2018 venture is no different, focussing very clearly on racial issues. 'Blackkklansman' is based on a true story and highlights key issues that were apparent back in the 70s as well as right now. With the well-covered issues going on, films like these are very important to engage with but the film is also highly entertaining. With a bizarre plot and some great performances, Lee manages to create a balanced film that pokes fun at the racists whilst providing intellectual commentary.

5. Ganja & Hess - Mubi - July 5th

My Mubi recommendation of the month comes in the form of the 1973 experimental horror film from Bill Gunn which coincidentally, the previous entrant Spike Lee remade in 2014 called 'Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus'. A Critics Choice Prize winner at the Cannes Film Festival, the film uses the vampire film as a metaphor for black struggles whilst combining with horror tropes. The film has a lot to say from a director who is deemed under-appreciated and is definitely underseen. Thanks to Mubi, a couple of Bill Gunn's films will be available, with 'Ganja & Hess' being the pick of the bunch.

4. Bad Education - Now TV - July 11th

No, not the Jack Whitehall TV show that so many Brits are well aware of, this 'Bad Education' comes from across the pond. Starring Hugh Jackman and Academy Award winner Allison Janney, this film was at the London Film Festival but never seemed to get a proper U.K. release, making this the first time its available for the masses here. Focussing on a true story of a duo who pulled off the biggest public school embezzlement in American history, the film received great praise for its performances and screenplay. With a lot of praise from critics, the U.K. will finally get to see this wild tale of how two played the system in order to steal millions.

3. O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Netflix - Date Unspecified

The Coen Brothers have proved countless times that they bring exceptional personality to their films and 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' is one of their brightest examples. A group of convicts escape getting into wacky hijinks and playing great music as they hide from the law. A great cast with George Clooney leading, this is one of the Coen Bros funniest films that will truly brighten your day for sure. This is a wickedly fun film that is an easy watch and will have you humming folk tunes all day long.

2. Ad Astra - Now TV - July 17th

The best Brad Pitt film of 2019 will soon be available on NOW TV, rejoice! In all seriousness, this space adventure is a great slow burn with great surprises and emotion as Pitt truly shines in the leading role. With absurd Mad Max space buggy chases to completely unexpected revelations, there is a lot to enjoy amongst the exceptional visuals and solid drama that the plot brings in the end. One of the best films from last year, this is definitely one to check out when it comes out mid-July.

1. How To Build A Girl - Amazon Prime - July 24th

Beanie Feldstein is on an insane hot streak with coming of age films recently, with great turns in 'Lady Bird' and 'Booksmart'. She's back again with 'How To Build A Girl', a story of a young journalist trying to make her way through the U.K. music scene in comedic fashion. Feldstein is a brilliant up and coming talent whose reputation now garners interest to each of her projects and I can't wait to see her alongside the likes of Paddy Considine and Alfie Allen. Helmed by Coky Giedroyc, this is based on a true story and had a successful run on the independent circuit before being snapped up. If it is half as good as Feldstein's other ventures within the genre, then we'll be satisfied.

So that wraps up the 10 films I recommend to check out in July! Make sure to keep an eye on your streaming services as many new additions will be added throughout the month and you may find some hidden gems. As cinemas look to return very soon, we'll have to make do with our home entertainment until it is safe to do so, for both audiences and workers. It will be an interesting time as cinemas return and hopefully, it will go smoothly as long as everyone is sensible about it. Until then, I hope you've taken some films from this list to your watchlist and can enjoy some truly great films within the month of July. Make sure to come back for more reviews and as usual, stay safe!

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